PROJECT 4 -- DUE: 11-14-2017

Fun-filled Divs


Develop a web page that displays 10 div elements in the same pattern and content as outlined below. Every div is 200px by 200px with your choice of a background color. Image content must fill the div container.


Project 4 example

Content (l to r)

  1. Your Name: use a heading tag of choice.
  2. Hyperlinked Image: a cropped image of choice that is hyperlinked to a website related to the image.
  3. Unordered List: an unordered list of 6 HTML elements.
  4. Animated GIF: a cropped animated gif from
  5. 'Windows'pane Table: a 2 by 2 table with border and background colors exactly the same as the Microsoft Windows logo.
  6. Tic-tac-toe Table: a 9 by 9 table of a simulated game with open borders.
  7. Ordered List: an ordered list of your 6 favorite CSS Properties.
  8. Mapped Image: a cropped image-map with three clickable areas.
  9. Youtube Movie: an embedded Youtube movie constrained to 200px.
  10. Animated GIF: another cropped animated gif from



HTML Element Reference
CSS Reference